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G.I. Acres was started in 1965 when my father retired from a 20 year career in the Army as a Command Sergeant Major.  
From this began a successful career raising SPF swine, specifically Hampshire's. After that, cattle were added and then 
a few sheep for my brother and sister's 4-H projects.  The sheep came and went several times, until 1975 when the
current flock was started at the beginning of my 4-H career. 

This year marks out 41st consecutive lamb crop.  The farm has fluctuated over the years, venturing into show pigs,
AKC Rottweiler's, and for several years a rather large White Tail Deer herd. The one thing that has always been here 
has been the sheep. The flock number has fluctuated from a high of 150 head in the early 90s to the current flock size
of 50 ewes. Our ewe flock was built around older Achor genetics, then adding the influence of Cabiness, Miller and Poe.
With the purchase of REAL DEAL from Poe are ewe based jumped to that next level of thickness and consistency.

With both Daughters out of 4-H and in college all of the wethers will be offered along with a few select ewe lambs.


GI Acres
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